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  1. Pieter Nieuwenhuijs

    I prefer working with SVG. Because it’s a vector based image it will be razor sharp on any resolution. But SVG won’t upload by default, for that a plugin is needed called “SVG support”.

  2. Ken Stuczynski

    Pushing the advantages of a landscape logo makes sense as a general rule in logo design, but I would advise the opposite for Divi. I have nothing but trouble with wide logos being overlapped by menu items at intermediate resolutions and end up having to hack the CSS.

    • Matt Kornegay

      I concur. It’s a real pain especially if you have more than 5 menu items and don’t want the font to be 10pt. It’s usually a pain on screens size 1440 and below. And it’s a pain when you get everything looking good and you client has that old monitor and says my logo is jumbled. Only way I’ve found to fix it is make the width full size or make it larger than the 1080px default so it pushes the margins out.

  3. BestReviewer

    Thanks. I have read a bunch of Divi how-to. Best one that I’ve read so far is yours. But i still have one qestion. Does this allow the logo to extend below the header, or is the logos height limited by the header bar height?

  4. Bob

    I had a logo developed by a professional graphic artist. My problem is that at the small size Divi uses the logo looks washed out. How can I increase the legibility? See


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